Frieze fragments

frieze fragment 1355-741-1frieze fragment 1355-740frieze fragment 1355-740-5frieze fragment 1355-740-4frieze fragment 1355-740-3frieze fragment 1355-740-2
torso of Artemis 1355-741-15torso and right leg of Artemis 1355-741-12flower 1355-741-10wing tip of Artemis 1355-741-8lions head 1355-741-7palmette 1355-741-3
lions head 1355-741-2foliage 1355-741-27feet of Artemis, with human head below 1355-741-26flower 1355-741-24flower 1355-741-23flower 1355-741-22
flower 1355-741-21foliage 1355-741-19foliage 1355-741-18leaf 1355-741-17leaf 1355-741-16foliage 1355-741-41

Frieze fragments, a set on Flickr.


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